Journey to Trad Witchcraft Course

Trad Witchcraft is the modern day version of what used to be called The Old Craft and many other local names. It is the old magical spirituality of the British Isles. Perhaps the highest commonly-held belief is that of the inherent sanctity of Nature. To a degree, Trads do vary in beliefs, practices, customs, and in the use of the Magical Arts.

You don't have to be British or Irish or Celtic to become a seeker and a fully qualified practitioner.

Witchcraft is the use of magic and is in itself not a religion. It is possible for the practice of witchcraft to be used without any association to religion, or to be used in co-ordination with many different religions. The vast majority of Trad Crafters have a strong belief in the Divine and lead a highly spiritual life.

Reported Experiences of Journey to Trad Witchcraft Course

I am so excited about the possibilities of the truly traditional Witchcraft now that I am bringing them into my life. I was learning to become a Wiccan; unfortunately, I felt somehow disappointed. However, now that I'm studying the Trad Craft, I must say that it certainly is more natural, and logical. It's more than I had hoped.

Cedric M. Suffolk, England

Now I realize what you mean about unlearning bad information and bad habits. I started your course after I had been studying Wicca in a coven for about a year. I hadn't realized how much I picked up that is really useless. Although I should have known it because my spells never worked. Now I know why. The group I was with taught nothing about preparing the SELF for magic. But they spent hours making sure they had the right colored altar cover, the right colored candles, and always a long list of other props that they insisted we HAD to get before any magic could begin. But now I know it is the SELF that needs preparation, the rest of it doesn't matter too much.

Susan D Chicago, Illinois USA

I must admit that I am very pleased with the results I have been able to achieve so far. It is as if Magic descended to my house and has brought with it protection for me and improvement in my life in a number of key areas. This cannot be coincidence.

Paul E. Springfield, Missouri USA


You were right. Now I know that my money problems (which were considerable) are really connected to every other aspect of my life. With magic comes change. And it's that change that has saved me.

Steve C. Houston, Texas

The Journey to Trad Witchcraft has given me a completely different view of witchcraft. I think the insights you give in your Course make a huge difference in looking at witchcraft as a logical personal path. I think it will help a lot of people like me.

Russell S  Boise, Idaho USA

Since I started to use magic as you teach in your Course, I have had some remarkable things happen to me and my family. My husband has been out of work for months. I used the techniques in the course including a spell on a Full Moon and he found a very good job within only one week. The energies directed in magic do have a positive effect and do encourage things to happen. It's remarkable! I just wanted to thank you for everything.

Helen B, Atlanta, GA, USA


I asked my elderly aunt to read your course and tell me what she thought. Well, she said she can remember various things you explain in the course that were done by my great-grandmother. My aunt said you must be the real thing.

Elizabeth L
Sheffield, England

I was paying monthly for small portions of information from a "Magic School". I felt I was getting nowhere. With your Course I receive it all at one time and at a far cheaper price. I was never comfortable with what the School taught. It seemed not quite right. I'm very much aware that the quality of your information is much higher, it is logical and better presented. You truly know what you are talking about.

Rose B Richmond, Virginia USA

Thank you very much for everything you have taught me. I can't believe I have finally found a real traditional Witch that is willing to share the secrets of the Craft. You are unusual and I am very appreciative. I have been searching so long for someone to guide me. May you be blessed by the God and Goddess.

Larry T Bakersfield, California USA


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